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Dedicated to my children, Kirk and Karen, whose idea this was and without whom this story would never have been told...




"Schizophrenia is a disease that steals from young productive people in the prime of their lives. It steals past accomplishments and future opportunities. It steals their personality, their friends, and their dignity, It steals their very soul. I could feel my son's pain. I could see the incredible fortitude it took to just hold on. My gut told me to search for anything and everything that was available to help him. In the fall of 1972, Kirk was a high school senior, full of dreams and aspirations. Class President for several years, awarded Scholar Athlete of his school, he was the All-American Boy. That is, until something happened which left his soul sidelined."


In her book, Catching the Thief: A Story, A Search, and Schizophrenia, Diann Auld Reitelbach shares her and her son's story of struggling through the crippling disease of schizophrenia. Their journey to find the right treatment spans three decades, ten states, countless doctors, therapies, and treatments including orthomolecular medicine, mega-vitamins, cerebral allergies, electroshock treatments, dialysis, Faith and Healing Clinics, and a very new experimental drug. Through her battle to save her son, Reitelbach paints an intimate portrait of the struggles surrounding this disease. Whether she is laboring to keep her faith, family, or sanity together; Reitelbach's determination to free her son from the storm of schizophrenia never wavers. Their story will inspire its readers to never, ever give up.

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