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Diann is a mother, advocate, author, and inspirational public speaker extraordinaire. Her tenacious spirit and relentless resolve to find treatment for her son is detailed in her newest book, Catching the Thief: A Story, A Search, and Schizophrenia.


Diann grew up in a small, Midwestern suburb just outside Columbus, Ohio near The Ohio State University.  A proud graduate of OSU, she and her husband, Buz, were blessed with two children; 1 boy and 1 girl.  Though she and her family experienced a life unimagined, it is through the sharing of those experiences that we are are witness to her true character. Her unwavering love, strength, resilience, determination, and devotion to her family will forever live on in her book.


Diann has returned to her native Columbus, Ohio suburb and is an active member in the Central Ohio community.  Diann, and her daughter Karen, are active in public speaking, promoting mental illness awareness, volunteering, and continues to provide support and hope to the mental illness community.




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