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"Diann's tenacity as a mother captured my attention and makes her story universal. By her faith and never quitting, she found the path to recovery. As a psychiatrist, working with the severely mentally ill, I was inspired and would like all psychiatrists, residents, and medical students to hear their story. While the story is mostly positive, I was humbled and reminded to be careful after reading about the poor treatment Diann received from medical professionals at times, from ignorance. Despite these trials, Diann remains positive and forgiving. Finally, I have new respect for the potential effect of caffeine in mental illness, even the small amount in decaf. Diann, thank you for your story." – Dr. Peter Iverson, Psychiatrist, Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare 


“This small book is a unique portrayal about the way things were and are for her family, and her son who develops schizophrenia. She vividly describes many paths taken to find effective care, with such better outcomes than the way it started… it is so hopeful. Her story speaks of concern and giving, which is perhaps why it was written. Advocacy, education and experience for the best care and treatment of schizophrenia is needed, and Diann has made a big contribution to that purpose. It is a relevant and important book in psychiatry today. The title is perfect, but I had to read the book to “catch” the meaning. An excellent family story about schizophrenia, as well as persistence, devotion, and hope.“  - Dr. Dale Svendsen, MD, MS, OSU Harding Hospital, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry Director, Division of Public and Community Psychiatry


“This is a fascinating account of the courage and perseverance of a parent who recognizes and chooses to deal with the mental illness of an offspring. The book is extremely well written and engaging – easily read in one evening. The story underscores the lack of attention and awareness of these illnesses plus the hazards of unproven remedies. Many ignore or chose to hide the existence of a serious problem in a loved one. However this illustrates that the outcome can be a triumph rather than the more common tragedies that receive public attention.” - Ronald L. Whisler, MD Division of Rheumatology, The Ohio State University


"Catching The Thief is the gripping story of one family's struggle, after being jolted by a high achieving son's diagnosis with schizophrenia. In prose that reads like a novel, Ms. Reitelbach takes the reader through the ups and downs, the heartache, the adjustment, and ultimately the trumph over this dread illness. I couldn't put the book down and this story lingers long after the reading." – Herb Brown, Author of Presumption of Guilt and Shadows of Doubt


"Diann has been a model parent in supporting her son put his life back together in spite of his illness.  Her book is well written.  I especially like her observation that 'the sicker Kirk got, the less he realized it." – Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, Executive Director of the Stanley Medical Research Institute (SMRI) and founder of the Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC)


 "I read the whole book in about two and a half hours, and it really spoke to me about what family members go through to cope when a loved one is dealing with a mental illness such as schizophrenia." – Bill MacPhee, Founder/CEO Schizophrenia Digest (Featured in Summer 2013 Edition)

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